How to Start Up an Internet-Based Business


Having an internet-based business is a great way to save expenses of setting up an office.  It allows you to run your business from wherever you want; whether that’s from your living room’s couch or the kitchen counter, you can divert all cash to providing whatever services or product you want to offer.  

It is essential to follow a well-laid plan to start up a successful business.  A good plan will also greatly reduce your initial expenses.

1. Business Idea

You need to have an idea of what your business goals are.  You can sell products, offer certain services or become an information portal and earn by means of advertising.  You need to have a solid aim, and when you have it, stick to it.

2. Draft Your Plan

When you know what your business is going to be based on, you must draft a plan that you can refer to when needed.  This plan should contain information such as your company’s mission, the marketing strategy that you will follow, and all the expenses that you expect to incur.

3. Choose a Domain Name

You need to buy a domain name for your internet-based business.  This domain name will be the address of your business on the internet.

4. Set up a Merchant Account

You can make the necessary arrangements with your bank so you can receive payments from all kinds of credit cards when customers make a purchase on your website. You can also opt for a PayPal account.

5. Design a Website

You need to design a website that goes well with your business. If you possess good web developing skills, then you can do this yourself. 

However, it’s a good idea to have a professional web developer do it for you, as it is important that your website conveys a decent impression to your customers.

Make sure the website is easy to navigate and not at all complex – you wouldn’t want your users to get lost and frustrated.

6. Choose the Right Web Hosting Package

Go for a reliable web-hosting company.  It is very important as you don’t want to become occupied in billing issues, bandwidth problems and end up having to deal with poor customer support; this is especially important if you’re starting up a new business, because you need to minimize the hassles.

7. Give Your Website a Test Run

Once your website has been designed and is ready for launch.  Thoroughly test it for any problems, and things such as user friendliness and speed. 

Ask your friends to help you out.  If you think any changes need to be made, this is a good time – before you officially launch your website to customers.

8. I Wish You Success

You will need to be persistent in your efforts and work hard.  It will take time before your website starts to gain a decent amount of traffic and your sales start to go up. 

Do not hesitate; take the first step and a few years from now, you will be glad you did.

Earn From Home - Improve Your Lifestyle

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The internet has altered the way people go about doing their business.  Internet offers opportunities for you to earn from the comfort of your own house; you could be earning while you sip away on a delicious cup of hot chocolate on those freezing winter mornings!

Of course, your earning venture won’t be limited to winters only.

With the right mindset and just the precise amount of effort – you can have money pouring in, and you may not even have to worry about that dreadful office you work at right now.

Here are some ideas to make serious money from home and transform your lifestyle for good.

Start Trading in Forex

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange; it refers to trading of currencies. There are many online forex trading companies that allow you to buy and sell currencies from home, all you require is a computer and an internet connection – and of course some money to invest.

The idea is to buy currency that you think will increase in value, and sell it before it starts to diminish in its worth.  You can start with a small amount and as you get the hang of it; you can pump in more cash.  This is one of the most practical ways of earning money.

Start Blogging to Make Money

Blogs are to internet, as water is to fish – as long as internet remains, blogs will continue to increase in number and variety.  

You can start writing your own blog and use services such as Google’s Adsense or Chitika to have ads displayed on your site, each time an ad is clicked upon through your site, you will get paid. Interesting, isn’t it?

Introduce Offline Products to the Internet

A growing number of people use the internet to do their shopping.  You could team up with a company that has no trace on the internet, and have their products or services exposed to public on the internet.  

This way, you can act as a marketing agent for them and earn fair amounts of money – and who knows, perhaps you’ll have your own advertising agency one day?

Sell on eBay

Do you have a lot of stuff lying around in your attic? Why not sell it on ebay and earn some extra bucks?  You could also ask your friends and family to bring their stuff that they don’t need.  You can get a seller’s account for free and start making money in no time at all.

Flip Domain Names

Buy domain names at cheaper rates and sell them on with a profit.  Domain name flipping is a great way to earn money but does require an initial investment from your side.  Domain names these days come at a pretty cheap price, so you won’t have to invest much.

Fill Surveys

There are various websites on the internet that pay you for filling out surveys.  These surveys will be made available to you according to your geographical location and some other factors.  Usually, these surveys take just a couple of minutes.

Answering a few questions for around 20 minutes can fetch you 4 bucks.  Not bad!

How to Make Money Using Your Blog Page


In times of recession and economic instability, it always helps to have extra income to help out in the monthly expenses. Blogging provides a great opportunity to earn this extra income just by spending some time on writing blogs.

You may even be lucky enough to earn enough cash so you don’t have to take that part-time job while you study.

In this blog, it is assumed that you already have a blog page and you would like to use that page to earn money. Here are a few options to get started on your earning spree.

1. Google Adsense

Google’s Adsense service is the best advertisement service that places ads on your website and pays you each time an ad is clicked upon through your blog site.  This is simply a pay-per-click (PPC) program along with a referral service that pays you for inviting others to use Google Adsense.

2. Chitika

Chitika provides a way to earn revenue from your blog traffic. It places advertisements on your blog page and they have a low minimum payout – which is great as you can get paid much quicker. A referral program can be used to invite other website owners and earn a referral bonus.

3. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs allow you to choose between a list of products or services that you can place on your blog page to advertise.  You will be paid when a user visits the affiliate’s website and makes a purchase.  

Here some decent affiliate programs that offer a handsome commission for each purchase:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Commission Junction
  • Link Share

4. Place Private Advertisements

Companies eye popular blog pages that invite lots of traffic as a potential advertising platform.  You can invite companies to place their advertisements on you blog site and charge them for it.  

Rest assured, if you own a popular blog page you can expect companies to approach you themselves.

5. Write E-Books

You could write comprehensive e-books and have them put on your blog page.  Rather than giving them away for free, this information can be sold to generate attractive revenue.  

However, you will have to make sure that the content in your e-books is far more informative and useful than the information generally found on your blog page.  No one would be interested in buying if the same information is available freely.

6. Monthly or Yearly Subscription Fee

If you feel that your content is extremely unique and generally hard to find, then you can start charging a monthly or yearly membership fee to allow access to your blog.  

However, this approach is usually only successful if you have really quality content and a wide base of audience – refrain from applying this method if you’ve just started your blog and are in the process of increasing viewership.

A Word of Advice

Regardless of the method you choose for earning money – whether pay per click, advertising banners, affiliate sales or membership fees – keep in mind that it takes time to reach a point where a decent monthly income starts to roll in.

You will have to be patient and willing to put it sufficient amounts of effort.


The power of web is beyond comprehension. Gone are the days when mentioning the idea of earning online invited nothing but laughter from all quarters.

The internet has now transformed into a huge platform that allows people to earn money from the comfort of their homes.  

It all starts off with small amounts of supplementary cash to cover up a few monthly expenses, but if done right; it can change your lifestyle in ways you would have never imagined.

Here are the top 10 ways to start earning online.

1. Blogging

Writing blogs is one of the best ways to earn money. Writing quality content can invite scores of users to your website. Google’s Adsense and Chitika are programs that pay well; the more the traffic is drawn towards your blog, the greater the chances of earning.

2. Online Surveys

You can fill out online surveys that are available for you age group or geographical location using websites like and

3. Write Reviews

Start writing reviews on various products and services offered by a wide range of companies.  These reviews can be posted on websites like or  This can generate a decent paycheck for you.

4. Write an E-Book

Use your polished writing skills to earn money online by writing e-books on various topics.  Many writers have earned a fortune just by writing and selling e-books online.

5. Sell Homemade Goods

If you have an artistic and a creative touch in your hands, you can make anything from jewelry to decoration pieces.  You can sell your self-made products on sites like or

6. Design Websites

If you have a wide knowledge base in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript or are willing to learn them.  You will have an excellent chance of earning online by designing websites for your clients – You never know, you may one day have a huge web-design business!

7. Sell Photos

Capturing stock photos and selling them online can earn you a handsome amount online.  You would require an extremely good camera and a set of decent photographic skills to stand a chance of success.

Websites such as provides a portal for photographers to sell their work.

8. Domain Name Flipping

Domain name flipping works on the same concept as real estate property.  Consider domain names as real estate property – you buy domains and sell them with a profit. The key to a successful domain flipping business is to buy domain names at cheap prices.

You can then put them on auction at or other similar domain websites.

9. Test Beta Versions of Mobile Applications

In the world of smart phones, the development of applications continues at unprecedented rates.  More and more software is being developed for Android and iOS platforms and the requirement for application testers is at an all time high.  Utilize your skills and get paid for it.

10. Sell T-Shirt Designs

If you’re into designing t-shirts then there are great opportunities that await you on the internet.  You can earn money each time a shirt with your design is sold.

Earning Money Online: Ways That Really Work


The trend of earning money online has spread like wildfire over the past few years. Over time, several new ways of earning online have been introduced ranging from the traditional pay-per-click (PPC) techniques to a much more advanced domain name flipping.

Some methods pay more than others, while some are just impractical in the sense that they pay too little and are not worth the effort.

Here are some of the best ways that pay well, depending on how much effort you put in.  Do keep in mind that it takes time and patience to start earning; you cannot become a millionaire overnight.

1. Earn by Blogging

Writing blogs is a great way to express your ideas, opinions and pretty much anything that is going on in your mind.  Your blog could be based on current affairs, something technical or perhaps it could have something to do with your hobby.  

Good blogs attract a lot of traffic – it takes time, but it’s up to you how much quality you plan to put into your work.  People are attracted to quality work.

There are several ways to earn money using your blog page: Google’s Adsense, Chitika, Private Advertisements and some affiliate programs can provide a good supplementary income.  

The general rule: The more traffic you have on your blog, the greater the chances of earning more.

2. Earn by Selling Stock Photos

If you’re talented enough to capture fine photographs, or are willing to take on photography, the good news for you is that you can sell your work online. 

Websites like, and Photocrati offer a platform for such photographers to sell their work online.

The higher the quality of you photos, the more recognition you will gain.

3. Domain Name Flipping

Domain name flipping is when you buy a domain at a certain price, then sell it at a higher price as its demand increases; just like real estate business.  This flipping can sometimes get you a good profit.  

The key to success is buying domain names at cheap prices and then selling them.  To sell your domain names, you have an option of putting them on auction on websites like GoDaddy, or you could advertise the domains for sale on your personal website.

4. Earning through Online Surveys

Filling out surveys is yet another way of earning online.  There are various companies out there that you can try out.  You will not qualify for every survey as some are limited to a particular age group or geographical location, but there will always be something to fill out.

Visit websites like, and to try your luck.

5. Writing Reviews

Writing reviews for a product or a service of a certain company is a great way for writers to earn a few extra dollars every month. The process is quite simple; it just requires signing up with a website and posting reviews.

You can post reviews of products at the following top 3 websites:, and

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